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About Us

We Specialize In IRS Tax Relief

“Every day we help our clients escape the harassment of collection calls and threats of potential bank or wage levies.”

Franskoviak Tax Solutions has more than 30 years of experience solving tax and IRS issues. We have solved more than 2000 cases. Every case is individual and very important to us, our goal is to help you protect your property, your bank account and your paycheck. We have a 98% success rate. Let us help you take control of your tax problems before the IRS does.

What our clients say about us

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions has phenomenal professionalism!  From the first sit down with Mike, he put me at ease.  He minimized my tax liabilities and gave me peace of mind.  Everyone in the office is amazing, and they make tax preparation absolutely easy.”

Scott B. 
Wayne County, MI
Owed $165,070 – Installment Agreement with IRS & State of Michigan

April 2021

“I would recommend Franskoviak Tax Solutions to anyone. They made my life livable again. I can sleep without having night terrors. Once you get behind a couple years, you start to feel there is no way out. The initial meeting with John made me confident that there was a way out. Linda also gave me confidence in the situation by making sure I got things done on time and stayed on the straight and narrow.  Since I received my IRS offer in compromise acceptance, I don’t have to fear the mailbox anymore. I know I never have to go through this again. Franskoviak removed the fear.”

Dave M. – IRS Offer in Compromise
Self Employed Real Estate Appraiser
Oakland County, MI
Owed $338,916, Settled $64,096, a savings of 80%!!

December 2020

Franskoviak Tax Solutions helped me get past a stressful time in my life. They did their job and I’m very happy with the result. I am happy I get to move on.”

Randy S. – IRS Offer in Compromise
Troy, MI
Owed, $50,918.70, Settled, $5,802.68, A savings of 88%!

December 2020

“I am incredibly happy with the team over at Franskoviak Tax Solutions. They helped me settle my case with the IRS. They are responsive and do a good work. They are always transparent, and I appreciate the relationship that we have/continue to build. “

Gerych’s Green House Inc. – IRS Offer in Compromise                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Fenton, MI
Owed $885,357.60, Settled $84,590.10, a savings of 90%!

November 2020

“The team at Franskoviak Tax Solutions are top grade! I went through 3 different CPA’s and one tax attorney that gave me the run around. They saw a woman that they would be able to rip off, and I told myself “enough is enough, I need someone who is honest” and I lucked out with John.

Everything was explained in plain English and he never made me feel stupid, he was phenomenal.  He always had his best foot forward and I was confident that he could help. When I called Franskoviak Tax Solutions in 2015, they got me in for a consult the very next day. They gave me fast, speedy results and it’s been smooth sailing ever since.”

Barbara C. – IRS Partial Pay Installment Agreement
Retired Pharmacist
Troy, MI
Owed $215,031, Settled $56,100, a savings of $158,931

October 2020

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions saved my butt and helped get the monkey off my back. They did a great job saving me money and keeping me out of jail.”

Drew  – IRS Offer in Compromise
Hudsonville, MI
Owed $48,484, Settled $2,795, a savings of 94%!

September 2020

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions did a good job handling my case. Everything was always clear, and they helped me out a lot. They were able to take care of the problem, help me not owe so much on my taxes, and take away the burden.”

Bryan M.  – State of Michigan Offer in Compromise
Capac, MI
Owed $181,311, Settled $28,878, a savings of 84%

October 2020

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions were very professional. Whenever I called, I always got an answer… they were always there for me. It wasn’t an easy road but when I won my appeal… it was a very happy day! I will be sticking with Franskoviak Tax Solutions for all my Tax needs”

Gloria M.  – State of Michigan Offer in Compromise
Redford, MI
Owed $43,337, Settled $500, saving her $42,837 / 99%

September 2020

“I became a client in 2017 after an IRS agent showed up to my house threatening to take it away plus jail time. The moment I met John at Franskoviak Tax Solutions; he went to bat for me! He handled all communication between the IRS and got that rude agent kicked off my case. John was always nice, polite, and told me I could call him anytime. After working with the Franskoviak team I no longer worry about losing my house and my wages being garnished. They were able to lower what I owed significantly, and even mail me a Christmas Card every year!”

Judy G.– IRS Offer In Compromise
Self Employed Homecare
Warren, MI
Owed $157,544, Settled $33,043, a savings of 79%

August 2020

““I became a client of Franskoviak Tax Solutions in summer of 2019. When I first met with Mike &
John, they were very honest with me and made me feel comfortable with the process. They
didn’t make any promises or guarantees but were confident they could help. I couldn’t have
been happier with the results. I didn’t expect to get this good of a compromise, it couldn’t have
worked out any better for me! It is a big relief, not only for me but my daughter as well. She was
happy when I told her the outcome. I have been dealing with this tax issue since 2009, and now
the burden is gone.”

Richard B. – IRS Offer In Compromise
Waterford, MI
Owed $17,046.21, Settled $100, a savings of 99%

August 2020

“I cannot thank both you and John enough for all of your hard work on my behalf! It is truly a game changer and hopefully the magic touch to get me back on my feet after my horrible divorce and custody battle.”

Realtor – State of Michigan Offer in Compromise
Royal Oak
Owed $6,047, Settled $285, a savings of 95%

April 2020

“My overall experience was very positive, Mike made me feel very comfortable from the get- go.” 

“In March 2020 I got a call (from FTS) asking for a document to help my case and during the call I expressed how my industry was shutting down because of Covid 19 and I was about to be unemployed.  The woman I was speaking with said she would let John know.  Not even 4 minutes later John called to find out what was going on, then Mike joined the call very quickly.  I got off the call feeling that I have a team of people on my side that genuinely care.

Another great thing about the situation was Franskoviak allowing me to make payments for their services, it was a huge help to me and my family as we just bought a new house.  My OIC (offer in compromise) they got for me instantly removed the stress and anxiety that has followed me for years.

The feeling of my future and the future of my family will be forever, I am indebted to the Franskoviak Team!”

Nathan Flanigan – IRS Offer In Compromise
Product Specialist
Roseville, MI
Owed $167,401, Settled $3,000, a savings of 98%

July 2020

“Our Tax problems started in December of 2015. We were with another payroll
company who took taxes out immediately, being that we were small business, and didn’t
have the cash flows to cover it that same week. We were fine for a year but missed a
payment, and then it went downhill.
You never really think about the penalties and how those penalties grow. It got to the
point where we were in way over our heads and started receiving letters demanding
payments for the lien put on our businesses and our personal things. It was something
we could not handle ourselves.
We called other companies, Franskoviak was number one, as far as ratings. We got in
contact with Mr. Franskoviak and went from there. He was honest with us regarding our
personal responsibility in this case. John gave us advice outside of taxes, to help grow
our business! Raising tuition, summer programs to bring more income, and that helped.
That was something he did that was above and beyond what we were expecting.
We really didn’t think that we could get the outcome we got, but we got it! It was
amazing, absolutely amazing! I thought we were going to have that big penalty to deal
with. To settle for $4,492 out of the $133,095 we owed, it was a huge blessing!”

Little Bear’s Learning Center LLC. – IRS Offer In Compromise Payroll Taxes
Children’s Daycare
Oak Park, MI
Owed $133,095, Settled $4,492, a savings of 97%

January 2020

“Calling you guys was the best decision I ever made. I will recommend you guys to anyone. Your service was great and you thoroughly explained all the pro’s and con’s. I learned a lot very quickly about the IRS in a short period of time. The process was fully explained, which made me very comfortable about my decision.

Everything was excellent, my emails answered promptly, atmosphere was nice, staff was welcoming, and the coffee was tasty too!”

Philip C.. – IRS Offer In Compromise
Detroit Police Sergeant
St. Clair Shores, MI
Owed $135,525.76, Settled $13,560.72, a savings of 90%

“It was successful; Franskoviak Tax Solutions got everything done. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It was handled very timely, everything was submitted right away. They were on top of it.”

Jason K. – IRS Offer In Compromise
Restaurant Owner
Northern MI
Owed $124,684.10, Settled $2,000, a savings of 98%

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions is AWESOME! Especially if you have tax problems. They have a lot of professionalism and it feels as though the staff at Franskoviak Tax Solutions really does care about us.”

Robert R. – IRS Offer In Compromise
General Laborer
Flint, MI
Owed $134,003, Settled $12,168, a savings of 90%

“At the beginning I was very skeptical, but in the end when I heard the news I was very happy. It all finally paid off!”
My first visit was very professional. I was told how they could help and exactly the process. I was appreciative about the way they handled that first visit and everything thereafter.
I really liked the one-on-one, personal service and having a specific person that I communicated with, and that also handled mostly everything. John was great to work with.
Prior to meeting with the Franskoviak team I’d received many offers in the mail, but Franskoviak was local, and I liked that I could drive to the office for more personal communications. I visited the office a few times by my request.
I am very happy. They really took care of everything!

Self Employed Truck Driver – State Offer In Compromise
Flint, MI
Owed $26,946.13, Settled $1,000, a savings of 96%

June 2019

“Initially I used a different firm to try to address the problem. I would have to contact that firm to
find out what was going on with my file. With Franskoviak, I always felt like I was kept informed
and that they were working on. When I asked questions, I received answers promptly. No one
wants to deal with tax problems, but they made it relatively painless, considering the
circumstances. I felt I had someone handling my problem, so I didn’t have to focus on it every
day and worry about when a hammer would fall from the IRS. They alleviated a lot of stress.
The end result made me very happy. I worked with a previous firm that told me my debt could
not be negotiated. John Foran negotiated a great settlement, one that I could afford.”

Attorney & Law firm – Offer in Compromise Personal & Payroll Taxes
Royal Oak, MI
Owed $144,058.19, Settled $15,732, a savings of 89%
Owed $59,420.54, Settled $12,000, a savings of 80%

February 2019

 ”It was successful; Franskoviak Tax Solutions got everything done. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It was handled very timely, everything was submitted right away. They were on top of it.”

Restaurant – IRS Offer In Compromise Payroll Taxes
Northern MI
Owed $228,990.80, Settled $26,000, a savings of 89%

“I am super thankful to have a firm that I can trust , thank you!”

Dawn. D – Tax Audit Defense and Penalty Abatement Services
Project Manager
Waterford, MI

March 2020

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