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I have worked with other tax companies in the past where I paid huge upfront fees and the final results were disappointing. If you’re struggling with tax issues I would recommend you to contact Franskoviak Tax Solutions for a consultation. They will be upfront and transparent to set your expectations on options for your particular situation.  — RANDY S.

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We Built Our 5 Star Reputation By Helping People With Difficult Tax Problems Like:
  • IRS Tax Levies And Garnishments
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • IRS Personal And Business Tax Deficiencies
  • IRS Officer And Agent Intimidation
  • IRS Penalties And Tax Liens
  • State Tax Compliance Issues
  • IRS Tax Levies And Garnishments
  • Unfiled Tax Returns
  • IRS Personal And Business Tax Deficiencies
  • IRS Officer And Agent Intimidation
  • IRS Penalties And Tax Liens
  • State Tax Compliance Issues

Our Google Reviews

Judah Tabernacle Melvindale
Judah Tabernacle Melvindale
The Franskoviak team represented us well. The IRS threats were so overwhelming and when we found this Tax Service we just needed advice. Immediately we were comforted by their knowledge. We are so grateful to have found them and they did even greater than expected. I highly recommend their team and services.
Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson
John did a great job for me and my company. He helped us get a nice IRS refund and it went very smoothly. I would recommend him to all businesses.
Jeff -
Jeff -
FTS assisted me resolving a significant issue with back taxes, and got my business organized so I don't repeat the same mistakes. These guys are smart and professional. They gave me peace of mind and helped me sleep easier knowing they were on the case. They have saved me thousands of dollars and helped my business grow.
Bradford Emsley
Bradford Emsley
One word personifies Franskoviak Tax Solutions. FANTASTIC! Mike Franskoviak and his team have dug us out of multiple messes. Unemployment taxes, IRS problems, State of Michigan taxes, even an old tax lien on our building’s property deed, that was resolved within days, not to mention a tax refund in the high five figures, that our previous accounting firm missed! If you’re looking for an accounting firm, and enjoy a good nights’ sleep, this is your team! Brad E Detroit, MI
Brad G
Brad G
Mike, John and the team are fantastic! Due to personal issues over the last decade, I got further and further behind on taxes and incurred huge penalties and interest charges. From my first call (the hardest to make) they all made me feel so much better. Thru every step of the way they explained the procedures, the costs and what needed to be done and what to expect. Even with the pandemic going on, they kept me in the loop and made everything flow seamlessly. When it came down to my OIC, they even worked with the IRS on that and had my total reduced even further. I cant say enough for the feeling of relief I now have with this off my shoulders. Please reach out to them if you feel overwhelmed as I did, you will not be disappointed!
keena parham
keena parham
I can’t thank Franskoviak enough for the spectacular job they did working on my OIC. They are very knowledgeable with all of the tax laws and extremely professional. I can’t thank them enough for the miracle they performed! If you are looking for services regarding tax resolution, payroll, accounting, or tax services, look no further…Franskoviak is the place you want to be!
Frank Marciniak
Frank Marciniak
Mike and John did exactly what they said they would - and in less time. Very professional and easy to deal with. First Class Service. Thank You
Brian Marquis
Brian Marquis
This company did a fantastic job helping me with a solution to my problem with the IRS. John Foran and his team got it done and I now have a bright future with my small business.
Mike and John have been outstanding to work with. With COVID restrictions causing a major decline in our sales and causing tremendous losses we reached out to Mike Franskoviak and his team for help. Mike Franskoviak and team went to work on our behalf, filing an Offer in Compromise with the State of Michigan, and due to their professional work and results we are able to survive these recent turbulent times in our history. I would highly recommend their services; they are the best.
Kip Gagnon
Kip Gagnon
I’d just like to say the IRS is not your friend. If they come after you and you are a normal hard working honest guy like myself, let this Franskoviak team handle your matter. The IRS wanted 30k in taxes for underpayment. Thank you John for working with me turning it into a 10k refund. Too funny.


Our Free Consultations Make All The Difference.
  • Qualified Consultants: CPAs, EAs And Tax Attorneys
  • Analysis: The Details Of Your Tax Problem And What The IRS Plans To Do Next
  • Solutions: IRS Relief Options Including The Fresh Start Program
  • Expectations: A Written Resolution Plan Based On Realistic Objectives
  • All Inclusive Quote: No Obligation And No Hidden Fees
Get Reliable Information And A Clear Path Forward!

Extremely polite and listened very carefully without being judgmental, than offered several solutions and plans of action to help resolve my problems.

Gotta say that was an absolute pleasure talking with you this morning after all the “sales” calls I have been having with all the other firms.

Services And Results

We Take On the Hard Stuff For You—And We Get Results!
  • IRS And State Wage Garnishment Release
  • IRS And State Bank Levy Release
  • Offer In Compromise
  • Currently Not Collectable Status
  • File Back Tax Returns
  • IRS Penalty And Penalty Interest Abatement
  • IRS Tax Lien Relief
  • Business And Payroll Tax Resolution
  • Installment Agreement And More…

Rebecca from Texas owed $73,559 but paid only $100

Michael from Ohio owed $444,314 but paid only $10,445

Michael from Michigan owed $160,917 but paid only $16,687

Constance from Florida owed $298,029 but paid only $7,230

Cory from Indiana owed $46,210 but paid only $5,985

Larry from Florida owed $41,324 but paid only $1,516

Franskoviak Tax Solutions – Know You Are In Good Hands

Advantages of working with Franskoviak Tax Solutions:
  • Accredited And Top Rated: A+ BBB Tax Firm
  • 5 Star Rating On TrustPilot
  • Top Performing Team Of CPAs, Attorneys And IRS Enrolled Agents
  • 30 Years In Business Without A Single Complaint
  • *Averaging 97% Savings On IRS Offers In Compromise
  • Nationwide Representation – Help In All 50 States
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Flat Fee And Affordable Payment Plans
  • Dedicated Tax Team Assigned To Each Case Start To Finish
  • IRS And State Tax Representation
TAX RELIEF Frequently Asked Questions

Make An Informed Decision

The term “Tax Relief” came from the need to address IRS and state tax liability, (unpaid balance) and compliance issues impacting US individual and business taxpayers. The primary sources of these issues are income and payroll taxes. The programs that the IRS and many states have developed to address tax balance are often complex and understanding the requirements are a barrier for most people impacted. Tax Relief refers to the programs and professional services sought by taxpayers to assist them with navigating these complex issues.


Some key factors in choosing the right firm to help-


  • Do they specialize in tax relief services? Although the taxing authorities require a representative to be licensed as a CPA, IRS Enrolled Agent or Attorney, it doesn’t mean that simply having that license qualifies someone to provide these services. Tax relief is a specialized area of tax law, so making sure the firm or professional you choose is experienced is important for getting the best outcome.
  • Is the firm owned by licensed tax professionals? Many tax relief companies have popped up to take advantage of the demand for these services, but their business practices may not be closely tied to the ethical and legal compliance guidelines required by professional licensure. For firms that are not governed by the discipline of licensed ownership, there can be a temptation to put sales goals and shortcuts before ethical business practices.
  • What is their reputation? This is a tricky one because all companies that promote themselves online put information out there that they want you to see and leave out the stuff they don’t. That’s why using independent and objective sources is key. Look at the Better Business Bureau, Ripoff Report, Pissed Consumer and Complaint Boards to see what people are saying about their experience with a company. Beware of sources such as “Best of” sites where companies have paid to be listed in a favorable manner.

The best representation has more to do with experience and performance than with the type of license. Tax Attorney’s can represent a taxpayer in Federal Tax Court, but the reality is that very few cases involving back taxes end up there. Almost all cases are resolved through the administrative process within the IRS, so it is important to find a representative that is not only knowledgeable of the Internal Revenue Manual and IRS Tax Code, but also practiced at applying the rules with the IRS. Being able to speak to your potential representative versus a sales person is a key part of determining your best choice.


The cost for tax relief services can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands and is impacted by the number and type of services required to resolve your case. It is also different depending on who you choose as your representative and their approach for billing you. Some will charge a flat fee that includes all required services to complete your case. The benefit of this approach is that you know everything the company is doing for you and the full cost before you pay them anything.

The key with this approach is to be sure that the quote involves all services required to complete your case and that the company has all professionals on staff to complete the work. Some tax relief companies offer initial fees for “Compliance Checks” and “Investigations.” The fee is in exchange for calling the IRS to help them zero in on the specifics of your tax issue. They then follow-up to quote you based on what they found. This approach means paying 100s of dollars in advance of knowing the overall cost or whether the company can help you.

Your initial consultation is most often with a commissioned sales representative instead of a licensed tax professional. The most traditional approach is to be charged a retainer and then be billed by the hour. The risk of this approach is that you can not be certain of the overall cost of your case and there is an incentive to prolong the process.


When most people use the term Tax Settlement, they are referring to a program through the IRS called the Offer in Compromise (OIC). If you meet certain requirements, the IRS will accept less than your assessed balance. Only the IRS can make the final determination, but a qualified tax relief professional can assess with reasonable certainty whether your situation will qualify for the program. Our CPAs and EAs have historically been more than 94% accurate in determining whether a client will qualify for the program. Successful OICs average a savings of 97% of the assessed balance owed.


A reputable tax relief company will take you through a full assessment of your situation with a licensed tax relief professional. This allows them to determine how your situation will align with the programs available and the scope of services required to maximize your outcome. Done correctly, the result will be a clear expectation of what can be achieved. Companies that are doing a good job of this should be offering a money back guarantee, a service guarantee that promises their services will be completed and a detailed contract that outlines the work discussed. Avoid companies that request your payment information and leave the scope of work and fee open ended.


Tax Problems Don’t Solve Themselves.

Put it behind you with help from the experts at Franskoviak Tax Solutions.

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*Results represent outcomes achieved through the IRS Offer in Compromise (OIC) program and are not typical of other IRS programs. Taxpayers must meet IRS requirements to qualify.

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