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“In the past, I have been duped by other tax companies that charged exorbitant upfront fees for results that ultimately failed to meet my expectations. If you’re currently struggling with tax issues, Franskoviak Tax Solutions is an excellent solution. They will be honest and direct in presenting all potential options available for your individual circumstance so you know what to expect beforehand. Don’t hesitate – contact them today!” — Joe R.

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  • Qualified Consultants: CPAs, EAs And Tax Experts
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“With extraordinary politeness and attentive consideration, Mike at Franskoviak Tax Solutions  offered me an array of potential solutions to help resolve my issues without any judgment.” Ryan

“I was thrilled to have had the opportunity to connect with Franskoviak Tax Solutions in such a positive manner, especially after all of those “sales” conversations I’ve been having with other companies.” — Duane

Julie from Boone, Indiana owed $133,621 but paid only $300

Michael from Jamestown, Indiana owed $260,917 but paid only $26,687

Cory from Carmel, Indiana owed $66,210 but paid only $3,985

Jeff from Hancock, Indiana owed $378,029 but paid only $4,236

Larry from Indianapolis, Indiana owed $51,324 but paid only $1,516

Michael from Indianapolis, Indiana owed $244,614 but paid only $8,225

Frequently Asked Questions

What tax help does Franskoviak Tax Solutions - Indiana offer to individuals and businesses?

In Indiana, Franskoviak Tax Solutions provides expert assistance with tax problem resolution, IRS audit representation, and other related tax services.

Can I receive support for resolving tax issues with the IRS in Indiana?

Yes, our Indiana team specializes in addressing tax issues and offers professional representation to help you navigate discussions with the IRS.

How quickly can Franskoviak Tax Solutions address unfiled tax returns in Indiana?

Our Indiana experts act promptly to address unfiled tax returns, ensuring compliance and preventing potential penalties from the IRS.

Can Franskoviak Tax Solutions help me with penalty abatement in Indiana?

Yes, our Indiana team can assist in requesting penalty abatement under specific circumstances to reduce or eliminate IRS penalties.

Is Franskoviak Tax Solutions familiar with the specific tax laws in Indiana?

Absolutely! Our Indiana professionals are well-acquainted with the state’s tax laws, providing tailored solutions to meet the needs of Indiana residents.

How do I get started with tax resolution services?

Simply reach out to our Indiana office to schedule a consultation, and our team will assess your tax situation and guide you toward the best resolution options.

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Advantages of working with Franskoviak Tax Solutions:
  • Accredited And Top Rated: A+ BBB Tax Firm
  • 5 Star Rating On TrustPilot
  • Top Performing Team Of CPAs, Tax Experts And IRS Enrolled Agents
  • 30 Years In Business Without A Single Complaint
  • *Averaging 97% Savings On IRS Offers In Compromise
  • Nationwide Representation – Help In All 50 States
  • Dedicated Tax Team Assigned To Each Case Start To Finish
  • IRS And State Tax Representation

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We Built Our 5 Star Reputation By Helping People With Difficult Tax Problems Like:

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Reviews And What People Say About Us

Steven D. – Attorney – Offer In Compromise

Owed IRS: $937,769, Settled $33,000 a settlement rate of 3.5%!

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions provides the best in class customer service.  The team is responsive, professional, and always available to answer questions. I would never go anywhere else for my tax issues.”

Anonymous – Grosse Pointe

Owed $638,995, Settled $161,815

“Excellent service…I would recommend the services at Franskoviak to any of my family, friends, and colleagues… Having this issue resolved means so much to me as it has removed a huge amount of stress from my life… [They have] great communication skills and all of my questions were answered promptly whether I needed an email or phone call response, they were always answered… The communication made the process move smoothly.”

Dawn. D – Tax Audit Defense and Penalty Abatement Services Project Manager Waterford, MI

“I am super thankful to have a firm that I can trust, thank you!”

Anonymous – Insurance Agency Coordinator, Michigan

Owed $91,867, Settled $9,985

“I contacted Franskoviak Tax Solutions regarding outstanding taxes (IRS & State)… I was able to get an Offer in Compromise from both the IRS & State… Mike Franskoviak and John Foran are accounting professionals with the knowledge and experience necessary to complete such difficult tasks… John Foran is great to work with. He does not forget or miss anything when it comes to dealing with the IRS or the State of Michigan. He follows up on every detail… They go above and beyond to get the job done…I wouldn’t trust anyone else with these matters.”



Robert R. – IRS Offer In Compromise General Laborer Flint, MI

Owed $134,003, Settled $12,168, a savings of 90%

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions is AWESOME! Especially if you have tax problems. They have a lot of professionalism and it feels as though the staff at Franskoviak Tax Solutions really does care about us.”

Restaurant – IRS Offer In Compromise Payroll Taxes Northern MI

Owed $228,990.80, Settled $26,000, a savings of 89%

“It was successful; Franskoviak Tax Solutions got everything done. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It was handled very timely, everything was submitted right away. They were on top of it.”

Bryan M. – State of Michigan Offer in Compromise Capac, MI

Owed $181,311, Settled $28,878, a savings of 84%

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions did a good job handling my case. Everything was always clear, and they helped me out a lot. They were able to take care of the problem, help me not owe so much on my taxes, and take away the burden.”

Jason K. – IRS Offer In Compromise Restaurant Owner Northern MI

Owed $124,684.10, Settled $2,000, a savings of 98%

“It was successful; Franskoviak Tax Solutions got everything done. It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. It was handled very timely, everything was submitted right away. They were on top of it.”

Drew – IRS Offer in Compromise Hudsonville, MI

Owed $48,484, Settled $2,795, a savings of 94%!

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions saved my butt and helped get the monkey off my back. They did a great job saving me money and keeping me out of jail.”

Realtor – State of Michigan Offer in Compromise Royal Oak

Owed $6,047, Settled $285, a savings of 95%

“I cannot thank both you and John enough for all of your hard work on my behalf! It is truly a game changer and hopefully the magic touch to get me back on my feet after my horrible divorce and custody battle.”

Randy S. – IRS Offer in Compromise Troy, MI

Owed, $50,918.70, Settled, $5,802.68, A savings of 88%!

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions helped me get past a stressful time in my life. They did their job and I’m very happy with the result. I am happy I get to move on.”

Scott B. Realtor Wayne County, MI

Owed $165,070 – Installment Agreement with IRS & State of Michigan

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions has phenomenal professionalism!  From the first sit down with Mike, he put me at ease.  He minimized my tax liabilities and gave me peace of mind.  Everyone in the office is amazing, and they make tax preparation absolutely easy.”

Gerych’s Green House Inc. – IRS Offer in Compromise Fenton, MI

Owed $885,357.60, Settled $84,590.10, a savings of 90%!

“I am incredibly happy with the team over at Franskoviak Tax Solutions. They helped me settle my case with the IRS. They are responsive and do a good work. They are always transparent, and I appreciate the relationship that we have/continue to build.”

Gloria M. – State of Michigan Offer in Compromise Redford, MI

Owed $43,337, Settled $500, saving her $42,837 / 99%

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions were very professional. Whenever I called, I always got an answer… they were always there for me. It wasn’t an easy road but when I won my appeal… it was a very happy day! I will be sticking with Franskoviak Tax Solutions for all my Tax needs.”

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