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Payroll Taxes Offer In Compromise

Payroll Taxes Offer In Compromise


When the State of Michigan notifies your company of an outstanding tax debt, many business owners don’t realize that the amount they owe and the amount they’ll have to pay is not always the same. Business owners who are aware of their rights and have a good representative on their side can submit an offer in compromise to the IRS or State of Michigan’s collection agencies which, if accepted, will allow the company to settle their debt at a fraction of the original cost.

At Franskoviak Tax Solutions, our corporate tax experts have negotiated hundreds of cases on behalf of companies facing problems similar to yours. On top of that, we can promise each of our clients a dedicated representative throughout their entire process—your tax problems are not “just another case” to you, and they aren’t to us either. To find out if your company is eligible for a payroll tax offer in compromise, a penalty abatement, or other corporate tax relief solution, contact us today and schedule your free consultation.

Offer in Compromise

Justin had fallen into some hard times due to the economic downfall in his field of hardwood floor installation. This left him and his wife a hefty bill of $41,194.26 due to the IRS for back taxes, and they had no means of being able to pay it off. Justin came to Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. to see if he could get any relief with his IRS tax bill. With the IRS “Fresh Start” program we were able to settle his tax debt for $500.00, a settlement rate of only 1.2%!

Justin was now able to continue to provide for his family without the worry of the IRS showing up and taking everything. He appreciated everything we had done for him and had these kind words to share.

“They [Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C.] has been great the whole time. They helped me out, that’s for sure.” “[Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C.] was extremely helpful in getting this resolved. Got nothing but good things to say.”

Justin Havner ~ Metro Detroit, Michigan

Hardwood Floor Installer , Owed: $41,194.26 Settled: $500.00 ~ 5 Months

Offer in Compromise

Ashley and Charles had a lucky streak at a casino. However, when it came time to file for taxes that year, their lucky streak ended up costing them with a tax bill they could not afford with the State of Michigan. Ashley is a full-time student so that left them with little funds to spare. We negotiated with the State of Michigan and we were able to settle their tax debt for $2,000, a savings of $14,944.
Ashley felt relief when she heard the encouraging news; in fact she had some words of praise for Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C.

“You guys [Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C.] helped us out a lot! Everything went so well, we were in a tough spot. It took a load off of my mind.”

Ashley and Charles ~ Shelbyville

Full Time Student, Owed: 16,944.00 Settled: 2,000.00


How long can the IRS collect back payroll taxes?

The IRS statute of limitations is usually 3 years to audit or make an assessment. There are many exceptions from this rule that give the IRS 6 years or longer. And once an assessment is made, the IRS collection statute is normally 10 years. Everything varies and depends on the situation. 

Consulting with a tax professional is always a smart move. We offer a free consultation, in many cases, after learning your options, you may be able to manage the situation yourself. Otherwise we have over 20 years dealing with circumstances like these and have a 98% success rate in getting favorable results.

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