Wondering How to Fight an IRS Tax Bill?

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How to Fight an IRS Tax Bill?

What if the IRS sends you a tax bill and you don’t think you owe the money? Or even worse, maybe you never received a notice, but they levied your bank accounts or filed a tax lien against your home, and you weren’t even aware you owed them money? If this has happened to you do have options.

But how do you fight the IRS to tell them their records are wrong and the tax bill is incorrect? What is the process? I recently had a new client come to my office, he showed me a tax lien the IRS filed against him for $ 47,500. I reviewed his tax returns and determined there is no way he could owe this amount of money compared to his income. I asked him if he had been audited he said no, that he hadn’t even received a notice or letter. He told me he had called and talked to the IRS and they told him he had to pay it. I told him no you don’t, …. you do have options.

Audit reconsideration If you have been subjected to an audit and assessed additional taxes, but you did not have adequate representation during the audit or even worse, you failed to respond, then you can request what’s called “audit reconsideration”.

Collection Due Process Hearing; if you believe the underlying tax assessment is incorrect and you have received a notice of tax lien filing or a notice of intent to levy (letter LT 11 or 1058) then during the hearing you can dispute the validity of the underlying tax assessment.

File a Form 843 claim for refund; If you have been assessed taxes including trust fund taxes, in some cases you can file a claim for refund and your case will be re opened and you can present evidence to show why you should not be assessed the tax.

Offer in Compromise DTL; If you have been assessed taxes but don’t think you owe it, you can file an Offer in Compromise based on doubt as to liability. You will have an opportunity to explain why you don’t think you owe the money or why the assessment made is incorrect.

Trying to get the IRS to reverse a tax assessment is like trying to move Mountains sometimes. But there are several legal and proper methods and we have been successful with our clients using these methods.

If you have been assessed taxes that you don’t think you owe the money pickup the phone and call our Michigan IRS Tax Resolution Experts at 855-Tax-Fixx (829-3499), or send us an email at info@franskoviakcpa.com. We offer free consultation to discuss your options in confidence.

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