Important Tax Updates 4th Quarter 2022

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Summer is quickly coming to a close, and with that comes upcoming tax deadlines that should be aware that there are about two weeks left for some upcoming tax deadlines to consider

September 15th Deadlines –

  • S Corporations and LLC Partnerships: if you filed for an extension for your S Corporation or LLC partnership, September 15th is a late filing penalty of $210 per month up to a maximum of 12 months, times the number of shareholders.
  • Q3 Estimated Tax Payment Due: If you are self-employed or have non-withholding source income such as dividends or capital gains, then most likely you will need to make quarterly estimated payments.
  • SEP Plan Retirement Contributions: If you have a SEP plan through your S corporation and plan to contribute, the contribution is due by 9/15/22 (extended due date of return) in order to be tax deductible for 2021.


October 17th Deadlines –

  • C Corporation extended due date for corporate tax returns
  • Personal income tax extended due date for personal income tax returns
  • Last date for filing amended returns or refund claims for 2018 tax returns


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