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Being audited by the IRS collection division or facing seizure of your property to pay off a tax debt may leave you feeling lost and confused. Being unfamiliar with your rights adds fuel to the already frightening process of being audited.

Unfortunately, not many taxpayers know their rights or their options which leaves them open to missed opportunities, vulnerable to receiving maximum penalties and folding under constant collection threats.

If the IRS collection division is getting ready to seize your assets, file a lien, or levy your bank accounts or wages, the time to take action and prepare your defense is now.

We will also explain to you the relevant tax law related to your case and advise you on how to proceed. In fact, we can be your legal representation for the entire process. Through granting power of attorney, we can defend you against the IRS collection division, arguing on your behalf and using our years of experience to prevent your assets from being subjected to unfair seizure.

We’re not intimidated by the IRS and we’ll be a stalwart advocate for you during this very stressful time in your life. We can also help you appeal your case even if it’s after the IRS’ 30 day limit. Contact us today to for a free consultation and allow us to be your IRS representative.

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Frequently Asked Questions About IRS Collections Representation (FAQ)

What is IRS representation?

Representation allows a professional, usually an CPA or tax attorney to take your place before the IRS. They can: interact with them; provide information and explanations on behalf. 

What happens when the IRS sends you to collections?

When the IRS sends you to collections, it means that you owe them outstanding taxes and they’re taking active steps for collection including any penalties or interest.


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