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State of Michigan Tax Notifications

State of Michigan Tax Notifications


If you are receiving tax notifications from the State of Michigan demanding that you pay your delinquent taxes immediately or your property will be seized, there’s little time to act. These notifications may actually come as a surprise and leave you feeling lost about what actions to take to remedy this situation. Unlike the IRS, state tax collectors do not have an extensive list of tax notifications that they are required to send before seizing your assets.

Two State of Michigan tax notifications in particular require immediate action: the final demand letter and the lien letter.

  • The final demand letter, or final bill for taxes due, is the taxpayer’s last reminder that they owe money to the state and that, if immediate payment is not made, the state will file a lien against the taxpayer.
  • A lien letter informs the taxpayer that a lien, or legal case announcing the state’s claim to their property for the purpose of paying off the debt, has been filed.

Once a lien is filed, not only is the State of Michigan set to legally place levies against your property, wages, and bank accounts but your creditors will also be informed of your outstanding debt. A filed lien can significantly reduce your credit rating.

If you have received either of these tax notification letters, contact us immediately. We can schedule a free consultation to review your unpaid taxes and begin preparing a payment plan, offer in compromise, or other tax relief solution.

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