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Owing the government money is a terrifying position to be in.

When you owe the State of Michigan or the IRS money, you’re subject to constant collection notices, looming due dates, confusion of having to gather financial information from the past several years and, above all, the fear of having your assets, property, and bank accounts seized or levied.

Franskoviak & Company understands that such situations leave our clients feeling scared, overwhelmed, and vulnerable. That’s why we make it our goal to offer expert and compassionate support to our clients. Our tax relief solutions for both the State of Michigan and the IRS can offer you manageable and affordable solutions & help to your tax problems. We will be your negotiators, representatives, and defenders against state and federal collection agencies and, in doing so, help you save your money and recover your peace of mind.

Let us secure a State of Michigan IRS tax relief solution that works best for you. Contact us and schedule your free consultation today.

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