Income Tax Extensions

When you receive your first unpaid taxes notices from the Michigan state government or IRS, these letters will contain a date by which your missing payment is due in full. Oftentimes, paying the amount of money demanded by the due date seems impossible and, with the constant threat of property seizure or wage garnishment looming over you as a penalty, you’re apt to become completely discouraged and overwhelmed.

Income tax extensions on your filing date or your due date can be negotiated by an experienced tax representative. Franskoviak & Company’s tax experts can handle your case and help make the best of a bad situation. When you feel backed into a corner, don’t give up—get help. Contact us online or call our office to schedule a free consultation to learn more about the how we can help relieve you of these tax burdens.

Success Stories

Justin Havner
Hardwood Floor Installer
Metro Detroit, Michigan
Justin had fallen into some hard times due to the economic downfall in his field of hardwood floor installation. This left him and his wife a hefty bill of $41,194.26 due to the IRS for back taxes, and they had no means of being able to pay it off. Justin came to Franskoviak & Company, P.C. to see if he could get any relief with his IRS tax bill. With the IRS “Fresh Start” program we were able to settle his tax debt for $500.00, a settlement rate of only 1.2%!

Justin was now able to continue to provide for his family without the worry of the IRS showing up and taking everything. He appreciated everything we had done for him and had these kind words to share.

“They [Franskoviak & Company, P.C.] been great the whole time. They helped me out that’s for sure.”

“[Franskoviak & Company, P.C.] was extremely helpful in getting this resolved. Got nothing but good things to say.”


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