Tax Lien Releases

Not taking proper actions with your taxes can lead to many problems including liens against your property. A federal tax lien gives the IRS a legal claim to your property as security or payment for your tax debt. These liens are a matter of public record and will appear on your credit report. This can lead to many financial problems including a reduced credit rating, inability to get a loan to buy a house or car, inability to receive a new credit card, or even sign a lease. Luckily, tax liens can be released under certain circumstances allowing you to regain the use of your credit.

A federal tax lien can only be released, discharged, subordinated, or withdrawn after the underlying tax liability has been fully satisfied. This can make it rather difficult to remove under normal circumstances.

Subordinating your lien occurs when your tax lien is made secondary to another lien. If you qualify for a direct debt streamlined installment agreement (i.e. the tax debt is less than $25,000) the lien may be withdrawn.

Our experienced tax professionals constantly conduct negotiations to release wage garnishments, bank account levies, and liens for our clients. We have proudly helped thousands of taxpayers over the years and will provide you with the expertise and compassion needed to help you get out of this difficult situation. Oftentimes, we can get a levy released in as little as 24 hours!

If you are suffering under a tax lien and need it released, contact us today. In your free consultation, we will review your case and establish a strategy for removing your lien.

Retired Teacher
Offer in Compromise& Lien Release
15 Months
Edward was looking forward to retirement. Unfortunately, due to owing the IRS back taxes, most of his savings was gone. After ten years the IRS had drained his savings accounts for retirement. Edward was now afraid of losing his house. After negotiating with the IRS we were able to settle his tax debt for $45,300, a savings of $384,186.19.
After receiving the great news, Edward was relieved because now he could prepare for retirement, and be able to keep his house. He had many praises for Franskoviak & Company, P.C.
“John Foran was outstanding in handling my tax challenge with the IRS.”
“Very professional company, with the interest of solving the clients challenges.”
“[Franskoviak & Company, P.C.] lowered my tax bill significantly – allowing me to keep my house.”
Owed: $429,486.19 Settled: $45,300.00

Jason K.
Business Owner
Northern Michigan
Offer in Compromise& Lien Release
15 Months
A tavern in northern Michigan owed delinquent payroll taxes for 2009 to 2014 totaling to $228,990.08. The tavern’s peak business is during the high tourism summer months, with lulls during the cooler season. This created an issue with any payment plan that demanded large monthly payments due to less capital during the off-season. Making use of the IRS “Fresh Start Program” we were able to settle the tax debt of $228,990.08 to only $26,000, a settlement rate of 11%!
“It was successful; Franskoviak & Company got everything done. It was a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. It was very timely, everything was submitted right away. They were on top of it.”
“Thanks for all your work! You guys rock!”
Owed: $228,990.08 Settled: $26,000

Ray O.
Plymouth, MI
Offer in Compromise& Lien Release
9 Months
He and his business owed the state of Michigan for back withholding and SBT taxes of over $113,810. We filed our Power of Attorney, contacted the state, and got the account corrected by reviewing the statute of limitations, and filing corrected returns. Settlement offer was accepted for $2,892, a savings of almost $111,000, and 3% of the original amount.
Owed: $111,000 Settled: $2,892

Marvin R.
Bakery Shop Owner
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
Offer in Compromise& Lien Release & Deliquent Taxes
Marvin came to Franskoviak & Company with several years of unfiled tax returns from 1999 through 2011. Our team of tax specialists first got him into compliance by filing the unfiled tax returns. We then requested a collection due processing hearing, so we could challenge the underlying tax assessments, and put an immediate freeze on IRS Collection efforts. Lastly, we submitted an Offer in Compromise as a collection alternative. The IRS appeals officer accepted the Offer in Compromise of $7,641, on a total tax debt of $80,979. Marvin saved a total of $73,338; 90% of the original amount owed. Marvin paid off the settlement amount immediately and the tax lien was released immediately. Marvin is now free of IRS tax debt and can expand his business without fear of IRS tax debt hanging over his head!
When we asked Marvin about his experience with the Franskoviak team, he replied “I was very happy with the amount that Mike and his team were able to negotiate for an IRS settlement.”
Owed: $80,979 Settled: $7,641


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