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Leon Carter

Problem Solved: October 11th 2017


“The Franskoviak Tax Solutions team has a very high level of discretion and professionalism”,   says Leon. Leon Carter a self-employed Insurance Salesman saved $172,243 with the help of the Franskoviak team.


Michael M.

Problem Solved: February 2, 2017


Franskoviak Tax Solutions helped Michael M. of Royal Oak, Michigan save $24,492.  Read the review that Mike wrote about the Franskoviak Tax Solutions Team.

Rebecca I.

Problem Solved: October 4th 2017


Rebecca I. owed $283,395 and settled for $23,628.

Robert B.

Problem Solved: March 30th 2017


Franskoviak Tax Solutions helped Robert B., a small business owner, from Ferndale, Michigan save $126,743. Robert settled his tax debt for less than 1% of the total amount due to the IRS.

Anthony Sebastian


Problem Solved: February 14th 2018


Franskoviak Tax Solutions helped Anthony Sebastian of Plymouth, Michigan save $108, 852. Anthony ended up paying half of what he owed in back taxes.

Scott B.

Problem Solved: October 10th 2017


Scott B. a trade contractor in Metro Detroit owed the IRS $717,193 and the Franskoviak Tax Team negotiated a settlement  with the IRS on Scott’s behalf for $108,710 saving Scott $608,483.

Shon H.

Problem Solved: July 11th 2017


Franskoviak Tax Solutions helped Shon H. a business man from Flint, Michigan save $43,257.

Ashley & Charles K.

Problem Solved: October 28th 2016


Franskoviak Tax Solutions helped Ashley and Charles K. of Shelbyville, Michigan save $14,944.

Ted Brown

Problem Solved: February 22 2017


Ted Brown from Holly, Michigan owed $340,459 and Franskoviak Tax Solutions negotiated with the IRS to settle for $65,500, saving Ted $274,959.


Jason K.

Problem Solved: May 18th 2016


Franskoviak Tax Solutions helped Jason K. a restaurant owner in Northern Michigan save $202,990. Jason said it was a huge weight lifted off his shoulders.

John Michael

Problem Solved: October 3rd 2016


Franskoviak Tax Solutions helped John an Engineer from Warren, Michigan save $85,982.79. John was so happy he’s been one of our biggest fans.


Problem Solved: November 14th 2016


Franskoviak Tax Solutions helped Justin from Metro Detroit, Michigan save $40,694.26. Justin didn’t know what he was going to do until his friend told him about the Franskoviak team.


Problem Solved: April 20th 2015


Franskoviak Tax Solutions helped Stephen in Michigan. We can help you too.

James T.

Problem Solved: January 24th 2017


Franskoviak Tax Solutions helped James T., a flooring contractor from Metro Detroit, save $540,884.  It’s important to find out what all of your options are before making any decisions on your own.

Edward R.

Problem Solved: September 9th 2016


Franskoviak Tax Solutions helped retired teacher Edward R. of Saline, Michigan save $384,186. Ed never thought that he would be able to get these kind of results.

Dan Wade

Problem Solved: July 29, 2014

Franskoviak Tax Solutions helped Dan Wade, an Automotive Dealer Manager, in Sterling Heights, Michigan save $195,462.

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