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State of Michigan Offer in Compromise

Robert owed in back taxes, penalties, and interest to the IRS and State of Michigan. He was attempting to make ends meet while working overtime, but his job stopped offering overtime and was cutting back on hours.

On top of that Robert is currently battling cancer, which requires him to travel out of state for treatment. There was no way that Robert would be able to fully pay back the State of Michigan and IRS.

We at Franskoviak Tax Solutions looked at his current financial situation and negotiated an affordable Offer in Compromise with the IRS and State of Michigan. We settled his IRS tax bill of $123,453 for only $11,208 and settled his State of Michigan tax bill of $10,550 for only $960, a settlement rate of 9%.

When informed of the news we were told:

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions is AWESOME! Especially if you have tax problems. They have a lot of professionalism and it feels as though the staff at Franskoviak Tax Solutions really does care about us.”

Robert ~ Flint, Michigan

General Laborer, Owed: $134,003 Settled: $12,168 ~ Offer In Compromise IRS & State ~ 13 months

State of Michigan Offer in Compromise

“At the beginning I was very skeptical, but in the end when I heard the news I was very happy. It all finally paid off!”
My first visit was very professional. I was told how they could help and exactly the process. I was appreciative about the way they handled that first visit and everything thereafter.
I really liked the one-on-one, personal service and having a specific person that I communicated with, and that also handled mostly everything. John was great to work with.
Prior to meeting with the Franskoviak team I’d received many offers in the mail, but Franskoviak was local, and I liked that I could drive to the office for more personal communications. I visited the office a few times by my request.
I am very happy. They really took care of everything!

M.O. ~ Metro Detroit, Michigan

Owed: $26,946.13 Settled: $1,000 (a settlement of 3.7%!)


Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. is a wonderful company and the staff is very helpful. Mike and his staff reduced the amount I owed in back taxes by 50%, which saved me well over $100,000. The experts at Franskoviak also worked with me so that I can stay current, so that these tax issues can be behind me.

Anthony S. ~ Plymouth, Michigan

Small Business Owner, ~ Owed: $233,852 Settled: $125,000 ~ 13 Months

November 1, 2018


For over a decade we had been dealing with a very large State of Michigan tax problem which stemmed from liabilities related to the Michigan Single Business Tax and State Withholding Tax.  We owed $441,000 with interest and penalties being accrued on a monthly basis.  Due to a series of unfortunate events, followed by a downturn in the economy, we realized we would not be in a position to ever repay this contested liability of $441,000.

We contacted Mike Franskoviak in the spring of 2016 to schedule a meeting and discuss our situation.   I researched the boutique firm and felt they were reputable, qualified and the right fit for what we needed.  We sat down with Mike and his associate, John Foran, to review our case and after much discussion they both felt the Offer in Compromise (OIC) program for the State of Michigan based on “Doubt of Collectability” would be the best way to settle our liabilities.

We filed the OIC in June 2016 and it took over one year before being reviewed.  Upon financial review, the first OIC was denied.  With the knowledge that both Mike and John had on this case and on the law written, we went to an appeal and after going back and forth for months we ultimately prevailed.  In fact, the senior policy director for the State of Michigan Treasury department indicated they would alter the appeal process due to Franskoviak’s efforts in this case.  Mike and John did an outstanding job of detailing the flaws which led to the original rejections.  Without their dedication and knowledge of the subject matter over a two year period, we would still be dealing with this debt.

Ultimately, Franskoviak & Co. were able to obtain a positive outcome – In August of 2018 the Offer in Compromise was accepted as was originally submitted – $441,000 owed and Settled for $10,000.

Mike Franskoviak and John Foran are two outstanding professionals who cared deeply about our tax situation and worked endlessly to help us resolve and relieve financial pressure from the State of Michigan.  I worked closely with John and what I appreciated most was his commitment to respond whether it be a phone call or email.  Regardless if he was delivering good news or bad, he never left me hanging and I never felt like I had to chase him.  This was not an easy case but their perseverance and attention to detail resulted in a resolution that we could not have achieved on our own.   I will never forget the day Mike and John called with news of the settlement – I put the phone down and just cried.  For over a decade we had been dealing with this stress and now a big weight was lifted both emotionally and financially.   I have recommended the Franskoviak firm to others and believe anybody seeking help with tax issues and filings would benefit from their expertise, not to mention their great staff who are so welcoming and always there to take a call or offer a cup of coffee.   Mike and John have become friends of ours and we have entrusted them with all our tax work moving forward.


Janet R. – Metro Detroit, Michigan

Contractor, Owed: $$441,000 / Settled for $10,000

IRS Audit and Offer in Compromise

Mr. John Jones is a small business owner, that provides property manager services through his company Outback Property Management, LLC. Due to sloppy record-keeping by his former partner, he was called in to an audit by the IRS for the tax years 2009, 2010, and 2011. The IRS agent made threats and demands. Due to improper record-keeping by his former business partner he was assessed over $200,000 in back taxes, penalties, and interest. The IRS agent told him they would never accept an Offer in Compromise. John did not have the money to pay the agent, so he entered into a monthly payment agreement of $2,500 per month. He represented himself and thought he had no options. By the time he came to our company he had been paying the monthly $2,500 for almost a year, but the balance owing was not coming down.

John’s friend Rick was a former Franskoviak client that we had helped out with some IRS problems. Rick referred John, and after we met and determined it would be quicker and easier to file and Offer in Compromise rather than trying to reopen the audit. We filed the Offer in August of 2017, and it was settled in March of 2018 for a total of $15,000. This is a settlement rate of 4.7%!

When we told John the good news, he was ecstatic, and had the following comments about our firm.

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions is the most amazing company ever! Mike and John and their amazing team have given me my life back with the amazing settlement that they worked out with the IRS. The openness and quick, informative answers from John and the team were better than my wildest dreams. My stress level is now at an all-time low. Thank you Franskoviak Tax Solutions!” 

John J. ~ Harrison Township, Michigan

Real Estate Property Manager, ~ Owed: $316,272 Settled: $15,000 ~ 7 Months

Leon owed $186,000 in back taxes, penalties, and interest. He had previously gone to another tax resolution competitor that had placed him onto a 10 year payment plan of $820 per month.

Leon was hoping to retire soon, but with a 10 year long payment plan, he would not be able to. We analyzed his financial situation and advised that he would qualify for an Offer in Compromise (OIC). The team at Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. settled his IRS tax bill of $186,423 for only $14,180, a settlement rate 7.6%! Now Leon could look forward to his retirement without worry of this large tax bill looming over him.

Leon had wonderful words of praise once he received the news:

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. has a very high level of discretion and professionalism. The document and information collection process was very thorough and timely. I now have “peace of mind” having this matter resolved, and liked being kept informed throughout the process. Thank you.”

Leon C. ~ Canton, Michigan

Self-Employed Insurance Salesman, Owed: $186,423 Settled: $14,180 ~ Offer In Compromise ~ 9 Months


“The people that worked on my case were very truthful and sincere and they did an excellent job. They helped me to keep calm throughout the process of my case. It is a good feeling to have removed all the stress from my shoulders. Thank you to the Franskoviak team and especially to Mike and John.” 

Jim M. ~ Metro Detroit

Business Owner , Owed: $32,439 Settled: $1,000 ~ 6 Months


“Mike and Bryan completed everything they said they would and met all of my expectations. Believe it or not every time I was in the office I had a good time. My tax burden with the IRS was settled faster than most, and with no additional correspondence. I believe Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. is ‘nail it down and get it done’. I don’t believe there was time wasted, or additional fluff or charges. Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. is exactly what you want in a tax resolution or tax preparation company.” 

Scott B. ~ Metro Detroit

Trade Contractor, Owed: $717,193 Settled: $108,710 ~ Offer In Compromise ~ 7 Months


“Our tax issues were overwhelming and very stressful. My husband’s business owed back payroll taxes and we have been battling the IRS for several years. We decided to hire the Franskoviak team, based on the recommendation of our CPA. They settled our debt with an Offer in Compromise.

I believe Mike and his team truly care about doing a good and effective job for me as their client. I appreciate their responsiveness, when I call or email I can expect a quick response, this helps minimize my anxiety. For example, I recently received a letter from the IRS; when I went to my email to contact John Foran about it, I was very happy to see that he had already sent me an email explaining the letter.”


Tanya G. ~ Southfield, Michigan

Small Business Owner , Owed: $402,312 Settled: $41,170 ~ 6 Months

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions is very professional; including the staff, there is no deception or pressure. Everything Michael and his team told me was up front, honest, and provided me relief. When Michael and Linda called about my Offer in Compromise I was so happy and excited.

What a feeling of relief having everything lifted off of me! I can not thank Franskoviak Tax Solutions enough. I am convinced a CPA firm is essential; I will be doing business with Franskoviak Tax Solutions from now on!”

David P. ~ Metro Detroit

Flooring Contractor, ~ Owed: $56,684 Settled: $1,000

Offer In Compromise

Shon needed help with a past due sales tax bill from a previously closed business. His tax bill was growing by the day due to penalties and interest, and there was no relief in sight for trying to get it paid off. Shon came to Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. to see if there were any solutions to ending this nightmare. After review of his financial situation we determined that filing an Offer in Compromise with the State of Michigan would end his tax problems once and for all. Our team then got to work preparing and negotiating an Offer in Compromise with the State of Michigan and settled his $45,997 tax debt for only $2,740, a settlement rate of just 6%!

“If I gave the Franskoviak Tax Solutions team a rating, I would say 10 (out of 10). I feel very good, there was never anything misleading, and everything was upfront. When I needed to talk to someone and they were not available, I usually got a call back within the hour. When I got the acceptance letter for my offer from the State, Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. delivered what they said they would. It made my wife believe and trust the system. We were skeptical at first, but we had no choice and are now so glad that we decided to do it. There is no more anxiety, I would recommend Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. wholeheartedly to anyone facing tax problems”


Shon H. ~ Flint, Michigan

Businessman , Owed: $45,997 Settled: $2,740 ~ 21 months

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions is the best CPA firm I have ever used. They are responsive, solution orientated and innovative. The care and personal attention that I received with my tax issue took the stress off.

I felt hopeful with the real solutions and game plan that Mike and his team put together. They have the service like a large firm, but the personal touch of a small business. Franskoviak Tax Solutions set me up with an LLC that will save me money in taxes for the upcoming year. They also negotiated with the IRS to make my past tax liability manageable. Mike and his team have made my wife’s and I’s lives feel hopeful with less stress.”

Eric H. ~ Fenton, Michigan

Business Owner and Motivational Speaker, Currently on an affordable monthly payment plan to the IRS

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions P.C. has a very high level of discretion and professionalism. The document and information collection process was very thorough and timely. I now have peace of mind having this matter resolved, and liked being kept informed throughout the process. Thank you.”

Butch O.

Small Business Owner, Owed: $186,423 ~ Settled: $14,180

Offer In Compromise

Rebecca, a small business owner, needed assistance with the IRS and State of Michigan. She was in deep with the IRS and State of Michigan, owing back payroll taxes and income taxes to both. Rebecca already had an IRS Revenue Officer that was threatening her with bank levies, and she did not know what to do about it. She sought help so that she did not have to deal with the IRS, and was hopeful to get her tax issues solved once and for all.

After reviewing her case, the team at Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. team negotiated an Offer in Compromise for both the company and personal with the IRS and State of Michigan. We settled $283,395 for only $23,628, a settlement rate of just 8%! And we are still helping her with her State of Michigan tax issues so the savings will only keep adding.

This is what Rebecca had to say about our firm:

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. has excellent customer service, is knowledgeable about the tax processes needed to resolve tax debts as advertised. I was advised by John Foran, EA, that Franskoviak Tax Solutions interventions on my company’s behalf would successfully decrease my tax liabilities.” 

Rebecca L. ~ Metro Detroit, Michigan

Small Business Owner , owed: $283,395 ~ Settled: $23,628

Offer In Compromise
8 Months

Michael came to Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. looking for help because he owed back income taxes as well as back payroll taxes from a closed business. Thanks to the economy, his current company was staying afloat, but did not have the luxury to help him pay-off a hefty tax bill. After taking on his case and looking at his current situation, we prepared an Offer in Compromise and settled his $114,323 tax debt for only $3,038.

“We are extremely pleased with the amount of effort Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. put into our case and the final outcome. Their professionalism and the attention to detail to get our case resolved. Settling our IRS debt has been a great relief.”


Michael C. ~ Metro Detroit Michigan

Contractor, Owed: $114,323 Settled: $3,038 ~ 8 months

Offer In Compromise

Jason O. and his wife were surprised when the IRS audited their tax returns, and it was uncovered that his wife was not claiming all of her income. They were now looking at a very large tax bill, and they did not have sufficient assets to pay the IRS. After getting a high recommendation from family member, they came to our office to find out their options for relief. After working on an Offer in Compromise we were able to negotiate and settle their $105,346 tax bill for only $15,467 a savings of $89,879.

“My overall feeling is that my experience with the company has been a positive one. The open communication during the process was great.”


Jason & LaShantinette O. ~ Metro Detroit Michigan

Technical Analyst , Owed: $105,346 Settled: $15,467

Offer In Compromise

Ted owned a concrete company, and things were going well, but his payroll taxes and quarterly estimates were not filed and paid timely. This left him with a hefty tax bill being due to the IRS that included lots of penalty and interest fees. When he came to Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. one of the first things we did was change his company to an S-Corporation. Then we worked on getting an Offer in Compromise negotiated and settled his $340,459 tax bill for only $65,500, a savings of $274,959.

When given the news that his tax debt had been settled, Ted had these words of praise about Franskoviak Tax Solutions.

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions is a great company and do what they tell you. Bryan and Mike are honest. The benefits I have received is that I can sleep at night because I have a great tax advisor that watches every move I make in my business so I can stay compliant with my taxes.”


Ted B. ~ Holly, Michigan

President / CEO of Browns Concrete, LLC , Owed: $340,459 Settled: $65,500 ~ 13 months

Offer In Compromise

Brian had previously owned a floor installation business that was forced to close in 2012 due to financial problems. Although the business was closed the State of Michigan wanted to collect on back sales taxes from Brian. The amount owed to the State of Michigan wanted was growing, and Brian needed resolution of this problem so he could finally get back to living his life and supporting his family. Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. was successful in filing an Offer in Compromise with the State of Michigan and settled his sales tax debt of $108,078 for only $2,500, a settlement of 2.3%.

“Mike Franskoviak & his staff are very knowledgeable in accounting and tax resolution. I am very pleased with their knowledge and professionalism. Everything with them has always been smooth and thorough. I know the Franskoviak team is as knowledgeable and helpful as it gets in the tax field. I can finally put my past due sales taxes behind me.”



Brian I. ~ South Lyon, Michigan

Small Business Owner and Flooring Contractor, Owed: $108,078 Settled: $2,500 ~ 10 months

Offer In Compromise

Michael previously tried to solve his IRS problems himself, but the IRS only cared about getting the full amount of the money that is owed to them. So he came to Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. to see what other options existed, and if we could help solve his tax problem in a way in which he could still be able to support his family. After reviewing his current financial situation, Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. was able to settle his $60,730 tax debt for $36,238, a savings of $24,492.

When given the great news, Michael had this to say about his experience with Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C.

“Don’t try to handle your problems with the IRS yourself. The IRS is not customer service friendly, and they are definitely not on your side. But Franskoviak and Co are. Just tell Mike the whole story, and let him deal with the IRS. They know who they are dealing with. Want to sleep better tonight? Drop the burden in Mike Franskoviak’s lap and let him do his job. He handled my case professionally and thoroughly. Whatever the case is, it’s not so unique and special that they haven’t heard of it. Do yourself a favor and get it off your back and get it handled. You have options.”


Michael M. ~ Royal Oak, Michigan

Self-Employed IT Professional , Owed: $60,730 Settled: $36,238 ~ 13 months

Offer In Compromise

Robert’s career path recently changed so he took this as an opportunity to start a new life and a company of his own. Unfortunately, Robert was left with a large tax bill that was growing by the day, and the IRS was trying to take what little he had available. Robert visited Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. to see what options might be out there, and if he could get any form of relief from the IRS. After filing an Offer in Compromise with the IRS we were able to negotiate his $127,743 tax debt for $1,000, a settlement rate of 0.78%!

With this wonderful news, Robert could go back to focusing on growing his new business, instead of worrying about what the IRS might do to him.

“Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C. is an extremely professional firm, very easy to work with. They really know how to get things done! Everyone I came in contact with was highly professional and very personable. Franskoviak negotiated an Offer in Compromise with the IRS. I was able to settle my tax debt for less than 1% of the total. They also set up an LLC / S-Corp to assist me with taxes, and are negotiating to lower my State tax debt.”


Robert B. ~ Ferndale, Michigan

Small Business Owner , Owed: $127,743 Settled: $1,000 ~ 9 months

Offer In Compromise

Dan was a partner in an auto repair company that was forced to close due to the economic downturn. While working odd jobs to make ends meet, he injured his back and that affected his ability to earn a steady income, let alone pay a hefty tax bill to the IRS. Dan hoped that Franskoviak Tax Team could get him some relief, so he would not have to worry that the IRS or State of Michigan would take everything he had. After filing an Offer in Compromise with the IRS we were able to negotiate his tax debt for $1,000, a settlement rate of 0.51%!

With this good news Dan no longer has to worry what the IRS might do to him, and is thankful for the work done at Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C.

“I sleep at night. I don’t worry about the IRS or State of Michigan showing up and taking what I worked so hard for. Working with Franskoviak Tax Solutions was a fantastic experience with honest and trustworthy staff.”


Dan W. ~ Sterling Heights, Michigan

Automotive Dealer Manager , Owed: $196,462 Settled: $1,000 ~ 6 months

Offer in Compromise

James is a self-employed flooring contractor that had built up a large tax bill with the IRS. He needed relief from his growing tax bill, and the threats to levy his bank accounts. He came to Franskoviak Tax Solutions to see if it was possible to get his life back on track and maybe even start to think about retirement. After our tax experts analyzed his current financial situation, we knew he could qualify for a “Fresh Start” with an IRS Offer in Compromise. We were able to negotiate his tax bill down to $6,480, an impressive settlement rate of 1.1%. James was thrilled to hear the news.

“Franskoviak & Company, P.C. has great service and friendly staff” “Franskoviak & Company, P.C. basically gave me a fresh start, a new beginning, thank you.”


James T. ~ Metro Detroit Michigan

Flooring Contractor , Owed: $547,364 Settled: $6,480 ~ 10 months

Offer in Compromise

“When I found Franskoviak Tax Solutions I had nowhere else to turn. I am an attorney and because of financial difficulties, owed over $180,000 in back taxes. Other accountants and some attorneys I called before Franskoviak Tax Solutions, did not have any solutions to my tax issues. They simply could not help me. When I called Franskoviak Tax Solutions they made time to get me into the office immediately. Mike Franskoviak spent a lot of time talking with me and thoroughly reviewed my financials. After doing so, he told me that I qualified for an Offer in Compromise, and that he was confident he could help me with the offer. He and John Foran, who works with Mike, worked extremely quickly and hard on my case. They constantly kept me updated on the status of the Offer and were always available to answer my questions.

The IRS initially rejected the Offer in Compromise, but Mike, being extremely knowledgeable about the IRS, the Offer in Compromise and taxes, proceeded with an appeal. Because of Mike’s knowledge and preparedness the Offer in Compromise was granted, and under the Offer, I paid a little over $10,000 to settle all tax debt. This was a huge weight taken off me. The quality of work from Mike and John exceeded my expectations. I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done, and I don’t know what I would have done without them. I would definitely highly recommend them, and only recommend them, to everyone seeking help with tax issues and tax filings. Because of their knowledge and commitment to their clients, I will not go anywhere else for preparation of my tax returns and related issues.”


Gail ~ Oakland County Michigan

Attorney , Owed: $162,047 Settled: $10,804 ~ 22 months

Offer in Compromise

Justin had fallen into some hard times due to the economic downfall in his field of hardwood floor installation. This left him and his wife a hefty bill of $41,194.26 due to the IRS for back taxes, and they had no means of being able to pay it off. Justin came to Franskoviak & Company, P.C. to see if he could get any relief with his IRS tax bill. With the IRS “Fresh Start” program we were able to settle his tax debt for $500.00, a settlement rate of only 1.2%!
Justin was now able to continue to provide for his family without the worry of the IRS showing up and taking everything. He appreciated everything we had done for him and had these kind words to share.

“They [Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C.] been great the whole time. They helped me out, that’s for sure.” “[Franskoviak Tax Solutions, P.C.] was extremely helpful in getting this resolved. Got nothing but good things to say.”

Justin H. ~ Metro Detroit, Michigan

Floor Installer, Owed: $41,194.26 Settled: $500.00 ~ 5 months

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