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Michigan Tax Defense

Michigan Tax Defense


Having to face an audit or defend yourself against tax collection agencies is something no taxpayer should have to do on their own. The deep and twisting labyrinth of tax law can offer you many opportunities to protect yourself, your property, and your financial assets—but only if you know where to look. Unfortunately, most taxpayers are not familiar with their rights, and the IRS and Michigan Department of Treasury aren’t very eager to give you the information you need to fight back.

Franskoviak Tax Solutions is here to help. Once our firm is retained, we will file a power of attorney. We can then help you gather, and organize your financial records, help you put together a proper tax defense and protect you from paying more than necessary in penalties and interest. As your tax defense team, we will utilize our 50+ years of experience and vast knowledge of the system to protect assets, mitigate costs, and provide you with your best resolution options including: payment plans, extensions, and even trying to reduce the amount you owe.

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Let us help you reclaim your peace of mind. Contact us and schedule your free tax defense consultation today.

Should I hire a CPA or an Attorney for my tax defense?

Both CPAs and tax lawyers can help with tax planning, financial decisions, and minimizing tax penalties. In most cases CPAs have more expertise on the financial side of tax prep, while an attorney can provide legal advice in the face of adversity or possible problems.

For representation in a tax defense case, an attorney would probably be a fine option if tax defense is their specialty, otherwise a CPA specializing in tax defense would be a smarter and less costly choice.

Franskoviak Tax Solutions has over 20 years’ experience defending clients with their tax defense issues. We have a 98% success rate getting exceptional results.

If you aren’t sure whether to hire a CPA or a tax attorney, schedule a free consultation with the Franskoviak Tax Solutions Team and speak with an agent at no cost or obligation, we will review your case, and give you honest advice about your situation and who would be your best tax defense solution.

What are some situations that I might need to hire tax defense for?

If you have a tax issue, you’re not alone. Every year, millions of taxpayers face an IRS issue. The most common issues are:

  • Unfiled tax returns: The IRS reports that almost 8 million taxpayers don’t file their required tax returns every year.
  • Underreporting: The IRS sends out notices to millions of taxpayers every year. IRS systems automatically send them when income reported on tax returns doesn’t match information the IRS gets from employers and other payers.
  • IRS bills: More than 16 million taxpayers owe the IRS and can’t pay.
  • Audits: There are about 1.2 million IRS audits each year. These audits often extend well over a year to complete.
  • Penalties: The IRS charges more than 42 million penalties every year.
  • Tax identity theft: Millions of taxpayers have had their personal information stolen during the past couple years. This puts taxpayers at an increased risk of fraudulent tax return filed in their name.
Can I hire an on-line tax defense company?

There are many tax defense companies advertising on the internet but often with companies like these you become just a number and don’t get the personal attention that you would get working with a local and smaller agency.

At Franskoviak Tax Solutions our clients get the benefits of our whole tax defense team working on their case and get an assigned agent to contact with any questions or concerns at any time.

Working with a local firm you have the benefits of your tax defense team being extremely familiar with the local Michigan state  process and having a strong understanding of how these cases are managed on a local level.

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Franskoviak Tax Solutions
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by Janet R. on Franskoviak Tax Solutions
Residential Contractor– Metro Detroit, Michigan

For over a decade we had been dealing with a very large State of Michigan tax problem which stemmed from liabilities related to the Michigan Single Business Tax and State Withholding Tax. We owed $441,000 with interest and penalties being accrued on a monthly basis. Due to a series of unfortunate events, followed by a downturn in the economy, we realized we would not be in a position to ever repay this contested liability of $441,000.

We contacted Mike Franskoviak in the spring of 2016 to schedule a meeting and discuss our situation. I researched the boutique firm and felt they were reputable, qualified and the right fit for what we needed. We sat down with Mike and his associate, John Foran, to review our case and after much discussion they both felt the Offer in Compromise (OIC) program for the State of Michigan based on “Doubt of Collectability” would be the best way to settle our liabilities.

We filed the OIC in June 2016 and it took over one year before being reviewed. Upon financial review, the first OIC was denied. With the knowledge that both Mike and John had on this case and on the law written, we went to an appeal and after going back and forth for months we ultimately prevailed. In fact, the senior policy director for the State of Michigan Treasury department indicated they would alter the appeal process due to Franskoviak’s efforts in this case. Mike and John did an outstanding job of detailing the flaws which led to the original rejections. Without their dedication and knowledge of the subject matter over a two year period, we would still be dealing with this debt.

Ultimately, Franskoviak & Co. were able to obtain a positive outcome – In August of 2018 the Offer in Compromise was accepted as was originally submitted - $441,000 owed and Settled for $10,000.

Mike Franskoviak and John Foran are two outstanding professionals who cared deeply about our tax situation and worked endlessly to help us resolve and relieve financial pressure from the State of Michigan. I worked closely with John and what I appreciated most was his commitment to respond whether it be a phone call or email. Regardless if he was delivering good news or bad, he never left me hanging and I never felt like I had to chase him. This was not an easy case but their perseverance and attention to detail resulted in a resolution that we could not have achieved on our own. I will never forget the day Mike and John called with news of the settlement – I put the phone down and just cried. For over a decade we had been dealing with this stress and now a big weight was lifted both emotionally and financially. I have recommended the Franskoviak firm to others and believe anybody seeking help with tax issues and filings would benefit from their expertise, not to mention their great staff who are so welcoming and always there to take a call or offer a cup of coffee. Mike and John have become friends of ours and we have entrusted them with all our tax work moving forward.

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