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Protecting Assets After Assessment

Protecting Assets After Assessment


If you owe delinquent taxes, it is important for you to know your rights as a taxpayer. Unfortunately, many taxpayers are not aware of their full rights and simply trust that the IRS will give them the information they need. The IRS will only explain what they are required to about protecting your assets after an IRS assessment, however, it’s impossible for a taxpayer to take full advantage of the rights they are not aware they have.

For example: the IRS may give you 30 days to appeal your audit decision but you are actually still able to file an appeal after those 30 days are up. The IRS is also allowed to seize your assets without first obtaining a court order so it’s best to find professional means for defending yourself, your property and all your assets.

At Franskoviak Tax Solutions, we’re familiar with the rights of taxpayers and we have years of experience protecting the assets of our clients post-assessment. Even if you have already been audited, it is not too late to protect your assets from IRS seizure. Contact us today for a free consultation and we will help you prepare your defense or appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Protecting Assets After an IRS Tax Assessment (FAQ) 

What is an Administrative Appeal?

An administrative appeal is the process in which a senior official or attorney, not necessarily a judge, within the agency will review the initial decisions made by FOIA regarding your case and determine whether to uphold or reverse that decision.


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by Frank S. on Franskoviak Tax Solutions

“IRS woes can be one’s worst nightmare if not dealt with and handled by professional and experienced CPAs & associates, like Franskoviak CPAs. After seeking the help of this trusted company, I can attest to the fact that I changed my perspective totally about trust and confidence, to companies truly capable of helping individuals with IRS issues like me. It is true, that they can truly negotiate on our behalf. They deliver as they promised. They are compassionate and care for people like me who have made mistakes but are willing to work it out with the IRS. I am touched by their dedication, concern and sincerity to help until there is a conclusion. Overall, my experience with Franskoviak Tax Solutions was excellent!”

Owed: $44,295 Settled: $5,677

by Mark G. on Franskoviak Tax Solutions
Owed: $196,985 Settled: $500

“Christine and Mike worked hard and diligently to completely resolve my tax issue. I am very pleased with their professionalism and the end result. Getting the OIC approval letter was such a wonderful feeling!”

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