IRS Levies

When the IRS decides to seize assets in order to pay off a tax debt, they don’t require a court order and they aren’t limited to liquidating physical property like your car or home. In fact, they can access “any kind of real or personal property that you own or have interest in.” This includes your bank accounts, investments, wages, and even social security. IRS levies will also show up on your credit report hurting your chances with creditors.

To protect your bank accounts and other assets from being seized and liquidated, you will need the support of a CPA who is not only experienced in contesting IRS levies against taxpayers but also one who can negotiate a tax relief solution on your behalf. Without a feasible tax relief solution in place, any released levies may just be reapplied as interest fees that keep raising your debt higher and higher.

Franskoviak & Company can help you get your levy released, and stay released, in as little as a day. Not only that, you are guaranteed to get personalized attention for your case as we work to find a payment solution or deal that fits your needs. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today!

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