Tax Relief: Benefits of Going Small vs. A Larger Company Like Optima Tax Relief

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Effective tax relief doesn’t have to come from an oversized firm.  


When it comes to tax relief, you want the very best team on your side. Only tax relief firm experts understand the fine details of current tax laws and the best options for your specific situation. You want an experienced, skilled professional to maximize your tax relief and reduce the amount you need to pay.

But with so many firms claiming to offer tax relief, how do you know which one is right for you? While you may be familiar with the names of larger companies like Optima Tax Relief, there are benefits in using a smaller, boutique-style tax firm. 


As you research the best firm in your quest for tax relief, here are a few key benefits of using a smaller firm:


That Personal Touch

By the time you reach out to a tax relief specialist, you are likely feeling the stress of unpaid back taxes, hoping a professional can help. Just reaching out to a tax relief firm can be a vulnerable act—you may feel stress or wonder if you’re making the right choice. 

The best antidote to this feeling is connection. Once you know you’re in trusted hands, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. After all, you want a tax relief specialist who is not only an expert but also understands your tax priorities and concerns.

Using a smaller tax relief firm often means you’ll have personalized service. You’ll work one-on-one with someone who remembers your name and lets you feel like you are a priority, rather than a number. 


Expertise in Your Job

A key benefit to using a smaller tax relief firm is the level of expertise that may be assigned to your file. At many larger CPA firms, you will start out working with a Partner but will be assigned to more junior staff at some point along the way.

When working with a smaller firm, you will more likely work with senior staff throughout your experience with them. Many clients of smaller firms like the ability to speak with senior staff, as needed, rather than wait to see if their question needs to be elevated through the firm. If you prefer to work directly with senior staff for your tax relief needs, be sure to explore smaller and boutique-style firms in your area.

Nimble Reactions

Just as you would expect a smaller firm in almost any industry to move more nimbly than a larger one, you’ll find boutique-style CPA firms are often able to provide tax relief services with more flexibility and speed than larger competitors.

With fewer corporate policies and a greater focus on a smaller number of clients, boutique CPA firms have the unique ability to provide first-class expertise with a smaller staff and faster reaction times. When it comes to finding the right partner for tax relief, it is worth keeping their potential speed in mind.


Less Overhead = Lower Fees

Another benefit to using a smaller tax relief firm comes down to cost. With less overhead and smaller staff size, a boutique-style company is often able to deliver services at a lower cost.

Of course, even among smaller tax firms, there is wide variation in the fees they charge. As with other purchase decisions, it is important to do your research on tax relief services. While some smaller tax firms may charge a premium, their expertise and track record may be worth the extra cost. Be sure to do your research, ask for references, and find the very best in tax expertise for your money. 


Focused Expertise

Often, when you use a larger firm for tax relief help, you set yourself up to work with a more complex organization. In larger firms, tax experts often share client contact with more junior staff; the CPAs themselves may be pulled in many directions throughout the day.

With a boutique-style tax relief firm, the company has a smaller client base, offering expertise with fewer diversions. In short, smaller firms allow tax experts to focus more deeply on individual client needs.

Potential for Long-Term Relationships

Long-term relationships are beneficial, even when it comes to finding a tax relief specialist. By building one-on-one relationships, developing trust, and keeping the same small team on the job, smaller CPA firms are more likely to set the scene for long-term relationships to develop.

With a larger CPA firm, if your file requires the expertise of more than one specialist or department, you are more likely to have your file passed off to larger groups of employees. With a smaller firm, your tax relief file will likely be handled one-on-one or with a small team. 

While you may recognize the name of large tax relief firms—such as Optima Tax Reliefwhen looking for your own tax relief needs, it is important to consider all your options. You may find that a smaller, boutique-style tax relief firm is able to provide more personalized service at a better rate. And, just as important, many smaller tax firms have as much, or more, success as the larger ones. In other words, be sure to choose your own research over brand recognition.  

At Franskoviak Tax Solutions, we go out of our way to put our clients first. We’ve been helping taxpayers with exceptional settlements for more than 30 years. Whether you need help understanding your rights, negotiating a tax debt settlement, or protecting your property from IRS seizures, we’re here to guide you, each step of the way. 

Headquartered in Michigan, with new locations in St. Petersburg, Florida, Cincinnati, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana, Franskoviak Tax Solutions provides comprehensive tax debt services with first-class expertise and a personalized boutique-style approach. 

Start with a free consultation—find out how we can reduce the stress of tax debt. Before you know it, you’ll have your life back on track. 


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