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Innocent Spouse Defense

Innocent Spouse Defense


It’s not uncommon for a taxpayer to find themselves in trouble with the IRS because of their spouse’s or ex-spouse’s actions. The IRS realizes that these situations do, in fact, occur. In order to help taxpayers being subjected to IRS problems because of their spouse’s actions, they have come up with guidelines for innocent spouse tax relief.

If you can prove that you fit within the guidelines you may not be subject to the tax liabilities caused by your spouse or ex-spouse. Our tax experts can go over your case and help you make an argument for being absolved of the responsibility of your ex-spouse or spouse’s unpaid taxes and penalties. We know that such a situation can be incredibly trying on our clients, especially if they are still in a relationship with the spouse in question, so we always do our best to offer care that is both compassionate and understanding, as well as knowledgeable. While it may be frustrating to face constant threats of seizure and collection harassment for something that was not your fault, there are options available to you, and the tax experts at Franskoviak Tax Solutions can help you come to a solution.



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