IRS Partial Payment Installment Agreement


If you owe the IRS a large amount in unpaid back taxes but cannot afford to pay off your debt even with a regular payment plan, there are still options open to you. Partial payment installment agreements (PPIA) are like a combination of a payment plan and an offer in compromise. They allow taxpayers with outstanding debt to pay regular installments at regular intervals—even if those payments do not pay off the full balance.

Because of the ten year statute of limitations on collecting tax liabilities, the IRS only has a ten-year period from the point of recording a balance as owed to collect that balance’s related payments and penalties. Since an offer in compromise is not an option for every taxpayer, PPIA offers those who cannot afford to pay the entirety of their balance a steady way to manage their tax debt without incurring a lien or putting themselves in a position of financial hardship.

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