Tax Resolution Services – Your Questions Answered

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Tax Resolution Services – Your Questions Answered

If you have complex tax issues or have failed to submit or pay your taxes, you may have received warnings from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Often, IRS communication can escalate quickly. If you take no action, the IRS will eventually threaten serious consequences, such as placing a tax lien on your property or a levy on your bank account. If you’re worried and hope to find tax resolution services, you likely have plenty of questions. 

As a starting point, you’ll want to know what’s involved in finding tax relief. Can tax resolution services help in my situation? When do I ask for help? How much will it cost and who can I trust?

These are important questions. If you have tax issues or owe back taxes, you need tax resolution services that will resolve your issues as quickly as possible. Here are answers to a few of your questions. 


What are tax resolution services?

When you are facing complex tax issues or have been issued IRS levy or audit warnings, you want to know quickly if tax experts can help. Rest assured, experienced and trustworthy tax relief specialists should have plenty of experience in helping clients out of uncomfortable tax situations.

Among the tax resolution services that may be available are: 

  • conducting a full assessment of your back taxes owing, making sure the IRS doesn’t overcharge the amount they say you owe
  • negotiating an Offer in Compromise on your behalf
  • helping you have any tax liens against your property withdrawn or discharged
  • appealing IRS decisions and entering into negotiations on your behalf
  • filing back tax returns
  • stopping IRS enforcement, such as levies and seizures
  • getting penalties removed
  • reviewing the Statute of Limitations for collection

A reputable firm will evaluate your situation and negotiate where necessary. More importantly, tax resolution services can deliver peace of mind. While the tax team offers expertise and support for your case, you’ll gain a sense of relief and closure. Not only will you be able to put this chapter behind you, but you’ll also know that you’ll pay only the taxes necessary. 


When do I need help? 

The signs that you need help with tax resolution services will be clear. Often, IRS warnings begin with written notices that escalate in both tone and severity. If you’ve ignored the initial notices, you may be warned that the IRS plans to issue a lien on your property or a bank levy against your accounts. 

While some taxpayers wait until more extreme warnings give them little choice, others are curious by the time they receive their first IRS warning. When it comes to the timing of looking into tax resolution services, the answer is simple — the earlier the better. 

The sooner you engage in discussions with the IRS through a tax expert, the sooner you can find a resolution. With the right help supporting you, you will enter conversations with the IRS rather than being on the receiving end of their threats and disciplinary action. If you find help sooner rather than later, you may avoid any liens or levies or even negotiate a settlement.


How much will these services cost?

Naturally, the cost of tax resolution services will depend on the complexity of your needs. If your tax team needs extra time to explore complex issues or research missing tax details, it will cost more than it would to resolve a simple issue.   

Tax relief specialists often need to dig deep. To have a complete picture of their clients’ situation, they could need to research many years’ worth of taxes. If you have back taxes owing, or highly complex taxes that require more research, it will take your tax team more time to provide you with the best possible service.  

Keep in mind that the outcome of working with tax specialists is you’ll often save money. As they negotiate on your behalf and/or arrange for a reduced payment schedule, you will ultimately save money that the IRS might otherwise collect through bank levies or property liens.  


Where do I find the right help?

To avoid action by the heavy hand of the IRS, it’s critical to find the right kind of support. Keep in mind that not every CPA accountant or attorney is experienced in handling IRS problems such as IRS tax notifications, delinquent taxes or negotiations with the IRS.   

As you look for a professional team of tax experts, you’ll want to find one with experience in all aspects of communicating and negotiating with the IRS. Finding the right team to act on your behalf will give you both the best chance of a positive outcome and peace of mind in knowing you’ve got a specialized team on your side. 

As you research tax relief firms that can provide tax resolution services, start with a local search for ‘IRS tax relief’ or ‘tax resolution services’. Once you’ve had a look through the websites and found a handful that look promising, look closely at their reviews and testimonials. By reading the experiences of others, you’ll gain a good sense of each company’s skill and service. 

Finally, when you meet with a firm that offers tax resolution services, make sure they are fully licensed to represent you before the IRS. Licensed consultants should offer a free consultation to review the particulars of your case before any fee is paid.


What else should I know? 

As a taxpayer, you have rights outlined in the IRS Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Included are high-level promises you might expect, such as the right to quality service, privacy and confidentiality. 

Others, however, are more specific but may take the help of a tax specialist to enforce. Included are your rights to:

  • pay no more than what is legally owed
  • challenge the IRS and be heard
  • access a tax system that is fair and just

These may seem like standard principles. Shouldn’t you expect to be treated fairly by the IRS? In practice, it often takes the help of experts to make sure taxpayer rights are enforced. A firm specializing in tax resolution services will research your situation and organize your case. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of negotiating a tax specialist can do on your behalf. While the IRS won’t likely take the time to listen to your personal story, a firm that offers tax resolution services will be interested in knowing why your bookkeeping fell behind, why you failed to submit your taxes or what kind of hardship a heavy tax bill would deliver. 

Your tax team will listen to specific details of your story, knowing which ones the IRS will consider reasonable cause for forgiveness. With the help of professionals, you are more likely to reach an agreement that results in the forgiveness of penalties or an Offer in Compromise. As you submit back taxes, become ‘current and compliant’ and then determine how to pay taxes owing, it is vital to have a skilled tax specialist in your corner. Not only will he/she guide you through the process, but they will deliver significant peace of mind as they help to reach closure on your case. 

At Franskoviak Tax Solutions, we have helped thousands of clients with taxes and tax problems for more than 30 years. We provide comprehensive tax services with first-class expertise and a personalized, boutique-style approach. Speak to our team about personal and business taxes, IRS tax deadlines, payroll taxes, IRS tax relief and tax problems such as IRS tax notifications, payroll tax debt, delinquent taxes and more.

Start with a free consultation—we’re here to help you with tax resolution services, understanding your rights, assessing your unique situation and where required, negotiating with the IRS on your behalf.

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