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Nathan worked as a self- employed independent construction contractor.  He had not filed or paid his quarterly estimates for several years.  He knew he would owe money, but he was fearful of the IRS and what they would do to him if he filed the returns.  Then Nathan got married. His wife worked as a schoolteacher, but they couldn’t file jointly due to Nathan’s tax troubles.  The tax problem was causing severe stress and anxiety for Nathan.  He was worried for his family’s financial future including his daughter’s chance for good education.

Finally, the IRS caught up to Nathan and demanded that he file his tax returns.  With penalty and interest, he now owed more than $ 167,000.  He knew he would never be able to pay this amount.  At the time Nathan was working with another representative who gave him very little help and didn’t explain what options were available to him.  The IRS filed tax liens which messed up his credit.  Even worse, they levied his income and bank accounts.  Now things were really bad.  Nathan felt he had no were to turn.

He spoke to a co-worker who our firm had previously helped with their tax troubles, and they recommended that Nathan contact us.  After our initial interview and review of his financial situation, it was readily apparent that Nathan could never pay back the tax debt. Further, the stress this tax debt was putting on his marriage and family was becoming insurmountable. With the IRS threatening to levy his income and bank accounts again at any time, it was a desperate situation. Franskoviak Tax Solutions went to work obtaining an immediate collection freeze on his IRS accounts while we worked towards a solution. Within six short weeks we presented our Offer In Comprise (OIC) case to the IRS. At first the IRS was reluctant and insisted on a higher offer amount. We knew the IRS was wrong, so we persisted.  Armed with our expert knowledge and experience of the tax system, coupled with our commitment to aggressive advocate on behalf of our clients, we worked through an OIC and settled his entire $167,401 tax liability for our original offer amount of $3,000. That’s a settlement rate of 1.7%!

Below is what Nathan had to say about Franskoviak Tax Solutions and our services.

What is your overall feeling about Franskoviak Tax Solutions?

“Very positive, Mike made me feel very comfortable from the get-go.”  

Describe a particular experience with us that made you happy.

“In March 2020 I got a call (from FTS) asking for a document to help my case and during the call I expressed how my industry was shutting down because of COVID-19, and I was about to be unemployed.  The woman I was speaking with said she would let John know.  Not even 4 minutes later John called to find out what was going on, then Mike joined the call very quickly.  I got off the call feeling that I have a team of people on my side who genuinely cared.”  

Describe one or two benefits you have received from us that you value the most – Please be specific, and tell us how these benefits improved your life.

“Allowing me to make payments for their services was a huge help to me and my family as we just bought a new house.  My OIC they got for me instantly removed the stress and anxiety that has followed me for years.  The feeling of my future and the future of my family will be forever, I am indebted to the Franskoviak Team!”

Nathan F. – Roseville, MI – owed $167,401, IRS accepted offer…$3,000

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